Release Notes (v2.7.4)#

January 23, 2024

The v2.7.4 release fixes a few issues and makes improvements to the ansi module.

Improved usage and help text syntax highlighting#

The ansi module holds a collection of regular expressions that apply automatic formatting to usage and help text with standard syntax.

This change addresses the following:

  • Section headers are generic match on capitalized word at the start of a line ending in a colon, instead of only matching on a list of magic words.

  • Metavars (e.g., FILE, ADDR, PORT) are matched on any all-caps word not contained by quotes, not preceded by dash; instead of being a reserved list of magic words.

  • Match any 4+ character word contained by angle brackets instead of reserved list of magic words. Add small list of special list of reserved resources, including localhost, stdin, stdout, and stderr.

  • Fix option pattern to include stacked single letter options.

  • Fix digit matching to include decimals, this also makes IP addresses match like numbers (naive but works).

  • Add to digit matching suffixes for count (K, M, G, T) along with optional ‘b’ for bytes, case insensitive.